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Aloha Soul

A Soul-Stirring Discovery of Hawaiian Culture Alongside the Cultural Practitioners Who are Working to Keep Local Traditions Alive

We invite you to join us for Aloha Soul: Ancient Hawaii, Modern Woman retreat adventure in Hāna, island of Maui, Hawai'i.

Discover the spiritual wisdom and practices of Native Hawaiian culture - the powerful and intimate connection between kānaka (humankind) and 'āina (land) during this 7-day all-inclusive women's cultural retreat.

  • Only 14 Women per Retreat
  • All Inclusive! 7 Days & 6 Nights
  • Winter, Summer & Fall Retreats — Select from drop down menu above.
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    Discover Ancient Hawai'i

    • Experience the Hawaiian world-view of interconnectedness — the connection between kānaka (humankind) and 'āina (land), while surrounded by one of the most breath-taking natural environments imaginable — Hāna, Island of Maui, Hawaii.

    • Learn Hawaiian methods for intentionally connecting with the world including the protocol for entering a new place, the practice of ho'okupu (a respectful and intentional gift in the spirit of aloha), and mindful techniques for ceremony.

    • Join hands-on discovery experiences to learn the wisdom of celebrated Hawaiian practices taught by respected local thought leaders, teachers, and guides.

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    Aloha Soul Retreats are created in partnership with Ala Kukui, a 501c3 cultural center for native Hawaiian spiritual and intellectual advancement. Every aspect of the itinerary is developed under the guidance of Ala Kukui's Executive Director, Kau'i Kanakaole, and respected practitioners, to create inclusive and transformational experiences for all.

    When you book your trip, you are supporting the sustainability of Ala Kukui and their important work to elevate the consciousness of Hāna, Hawai'i and the globe.

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    One Day with Rôamori

    The Aloha Soul adventure retreat sparkles with uncommon and inspiring experiences rooted in Hawaiian culture.

    Each Day is designed using our Spirit of Discovery Philosophy to include: Wisdom, Adventure, Connection & Delight. 

    Here's a glimpse of a typical day with Rôamori:

    The day starts with a delicious and nourishing breakfast crafted by our in-house chef using fresh, local ingredients. You sip your morning coffee and enjoy breakfast on the lanai, where you have a front row seat to watch as the sun rises out of the ocean and into the sky.

    We begin today' s adventure by dipping our toes into the waters of Wai'anapanapa black sand beach — a pristine example of this unique volcanic phenomenon. The sand and pebbles were formed by lava creating a rich, black hue unlike any other.

    From the beach, we hike leisurely along a section of The King's Trail — a centuries old footpath for ancient messengers that circumnavigates Maui. You Follow the trail along coastal cliffs with views of sea-worn lava arches, refreshing sprays of ocean mist, and 180-degree views of the Pacific Ocean.

    Led by our Rôamori guide, you stop along the route to consider a unique grove of trees — one of the oldest wild hala groves in all of Hawaii, and learn about the important role lauhala (hala leaves) play in the Hawaiian culture. You learn the techniques for gathering leaves and venture into the grove to collect a few choice examples. This is the first step in the celebrated Hawaiian practice of lauhala weaving.

    Back at the retreat house, we delight in a mid-day meal together and talk story about the sights and sounds of the King's Trail.

    In the afternoon, you roll up your sleeves and sit side by side with cultural practitioners to understand the time honored techniques to clean and cut lauhala, preparing each leaf for weaving. You feel a connection to nature as you begin to transform each simple leaf into artwork and your creative juices start to flow. Later in the week, you will weave your own bangle bracelet using the prepared lauhala!

    As you walk back to the retreat house, the garden looks different somehow — each leaf and flower holding new potential and meaning. By transforming lauhala into a material for weaving, you have also transformed your view of the natural world around you.

    Night time begins to fall as you join your new friends around the dinner table for a fresh, delicious and wholesome meal. You smile and think, "They call this Heavenly Hāna for a reason!"

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    • Enjoy deluxe, twin-share accommodations in the private retreat house and bungalows. Take in beautiful views of nature from every room and appreciate breath-taking views of the ocean throughout the grounds.

    • Sleep comfortably in chic and cozy bedrooms designed for two with twin beds, feather pillows, cozy blankets, and plush bedding.

    • Settle into three bathrooms in the retreat house, all delightfully appointed with a full shower and bathtub. Or, if assigned a bungalow, enjoy an en suite bathroom with shower. 

    • To encourage social connection, the retreat house and bungalows are WiFi free zones.  FREE WiFi is available at the main building on property.

    We've Got You Covered

    From the moment you land, let us take care of the details. The only item on your to do list: HAVE FUN!

    • Intimate and informal cultural discovery experiences each day designed to inspire you with new perspectives, creativity, and clarity.

    • Chic, island-style shared accommodations in the retreat house and bungalows nestled into 15-acres of lush and tropical private garden.

    • Sea and farm to table meals prepared daily by our personal chef, plus delicious snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. Before the airport shuttle departs for Hāna, you will have the opportunity to purchase any alcoholic beverages you would like to enjoy during your stay.

    • Airport shuttles and land transportation to all activities.

    Sacred Spaces Within and All Around Us

    Now is the perfect time to connect with your deeply personal inner essence, tune in to the healing power of the natural world, and consider your life with mindful purpose.

     Seeking a renewed connection with your authentic self? Discover the meaning of aloha and consciously manifest joy — for yourself, for others, with purpose.

    Want to create the time and space to nurture a-ha moments? Ah-Ha Ahhh... The Ancient Hawaii, Modern Woman all-inclusive vacation in Hāna, Hawaii is the perfect way to unplug from the demands of everyday life and immerse yourself in ancient wisdom to inspire a well-lived life.

    Craving clarity to live with intention? Nourish, nurture, and restore your inner guide. Immerse yourself in a new culture and illuminate new ways to reflect on what matters to you most.

    Longing for a deeper understanding of your connection to the natural world? Reconnect with an old friend — Mother Nature. Together we'll discover the Hawaiian world-view of interconnectedness. The sacred connection between kānaka (humankind) and 'āina (land).