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About Rôamori

Rôamori is a wellness company designed to empower women through immersive experiences rooted in timeless wisdom and fiilled with a-ha moments that guide them towards their most authentic life. 

Our mission is to help women follow their inner compass — to discover what matters most.

Our retreat series has something for women at every stage of personal growth — whether she is engaged in a challenging career and seeking to connect with life's deeper meaning, taking a break from caregiving for some much deserved "me-time" to reflect, or transitioning children into adulthood and reimagining the focus of her life.


Who are you when the world
isn't telling you who to be?

Modern life is noisy: Cell phones ring, beep and chirp with work obligations. Family calls for quality time. Your inbox overflows with information while your schedule reminder tells you that you have somewhere else to be.  The news, social media and our communities tell us stories about who we should become.

It can be hard to hear yourself think. It can feel impossible to listen to your inner voice. 

Discover the Sacred Spaces Within and Around You

There is no great secret to turning up the volume on your inner voice and leading a life that aligns with your authentic being. It does, however, require time and space to listen inward.

Imagine an experience rooted in ancient wisdom, an itinerary filled with equal parts a-ha and ahh..., where you are plugged into nature and unplugged from your cell phone, where you can make new friends and talk about your passions, where you have no one to listen to but your inner voice.

Now is the perfect time to connect with your deeply personal inner essence, tune in to the healing power of the natural world, and consider your life with mindful purpose. Then, return home rejuvenated and inspired by a-ha moments that resonate long after the trip is over. 

You deserve it.



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